Call Your IL Rep NOW!

HB 3027 is ready for a vote by the full House.  It will be close.  So, please make a final push Tuesday morning.

  • Generate as many calls as possible to state representatives: 217-782-2000.
  • Look up representatives here:
  • Tell state representatives: “Vote YES on HB 3027! Support sex education!”

After a very lively debate, the motions to concur with the Senate amendments passed out of the House Human Services Committee with 6 voting yes and 4 voting no.

Despite the fact that we have been focused on lobbying for votes, we’ve had numerous legislators sign on as co-sponsors without being asked.  New legislators Derrick Smith (D-10) and Kimberly du Buclet (D-26) are among the co-sponsors.  It’s great to see two brand new members who are willing to stand up for our cause!

We’ve also had a last minute change of lead sponsor at the request and encouragement of our original House sponsor, Rep. Karen Yarbrough (D-7).  Rep. Camille Lilly (D-78) is our new sponsor.  Rep. Yarbrough remains committed to the bill and will speak in support during debate before the full House.

Here is our new sponsor lineup: Rep. Camille Y Lilly – Karen A. Yarbrough – Robyn Gabel – Sara Feigenholtz – Barbara Flynn CurrieMonique D. Davis,Derrick SmithKimberly du Buclet, Elizabeth HernandezConstance A. HowardMaria Antonia Berrios, Dena M. Carli, Naomi D. Jakobsson and Marlow H. Colvin