Illinois Veto Session Starts This Week

Please take action today on HB 3027, the newest version of the Comprehensive Health Education Act.
This bill was amended to include comprehensive sex education and is on concurrence in the House. The opposition is putting out alerts full of misinformation on this bill, so we need you to call in NOW to counter their false statements.

ACTION NEEDED: Please call your Representative and URGE THEM TO VOTE YES ON HB 3027. The Capitol switchboard is 217/782-2000. Ask the operator to be connected to your Representative.
Here are some of the opposition’s arguments and the correct information:
(You can also click here for a fact sheet: )

  • It mandates curriculum promoting abortion, stating that it is legal, safe, and parents don’t have to know about it. [FALSE: the bill does not have any language referencing abortion.]
  • It calls for “medically accurate” sex education, but the curriculum misinforms students by telling them that “morning after pills” don’t cause abortion.[FALSE: the bill does not specify any particular messages regarding EC. When it approved Emergency Contraception (EC), what they refer to as “morning after pills”, the FDA concluded that EC will not harm an established pregnancy.]
  • It will force abstinence programs out of the public schools by taking away local control and mandating the teaching of contraception and condoms. Public schools in Illinois already have the ability to teach comprehensive sex education if they wish. [SORT OF: Teaching about abstinence is required to be taught under HB 3027. Abstinence-ONLY programs that exclude medically accurate information about contraception cannot be taught under the requirement in HB 3027.]
  • It does not follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendations that a) abstinence be prioritized and b) school health education policies and programs be locally determined and consistent with community values. Many communities in Illinois have strong Judeo-Christian value systems and would have their teachings violated by the requirement that contraception be taught to children. [FALSE: Abstinence is such a priority under HB 3027 that the bill requires it to be taught. Local school districts can modify sex education curricula to meet local needs. Teaching about contraception is required, but any parent who feels this violates their family’s religious values can remove their child from the sex ed class.]