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CALL TO ACTION: Support HB 5290 The Bullying Prevention Policy TODAY!


Please support the Bullying Prevention Policy, Illinois HB 5290, today! Current Illinois law requires that school districts have bullying prevention policies, but they fail to provide guidance necessary to ensure that these policies and implementation successfully combat bullying. HB 5290 provides this guidance!
HB 5290 must pass out of the Illinois Senate before the end of the current session at the end of this month. Please take a few minutes to make the following calls (and/or emails). It’s easy: you can leave a message with each Senator’s secretary that can be as simple as “My name is ______________. I’m calling to ask Senator _______________ to vote yes for HB 5290. The bill, which has overwhelming support in communities across Illinois, clarifies existing law to give schools guidance that will support their bullying prevention efforts.” For more information on the bill, please access the bill fact sheet here.

1. Please ask the following three Illinois Senators for a YES vote on HB 5290 –

2. Please call YOUR respective Illinois Senator and, if not one of the Senators listed below, let them know you are a constituent and that you urge a YES vote for HB 5290: First, go to and search for your State Senator by address. Next, go to and click on your Senator’s name.
Finally, call your Senator at their Springfield office number.

3. Call/email the following Senators and THANK them for sponsoring HB 5290:

4. Additionally, call/email the following Senators and thank them for voting YES for HB 5290 in the Senate Education Committee:

ICAH thanks you for your efforts in reaching out on behalf of HB 5290!