Urge Senators Durbin and Kirk to VOTE NO ON TPP!

Yesterday, the House passed the “fast track” bill which will expedite passage of the harmful trans pacific partnership trade agreement. This agreement will hurt women both here in the U.S. and abroad. (see NOW issue advisory and talking points at links below for more information). This bill will go to the Senate and could be voted on in a matter of days.

 PLEASE contact your Senators immediately. All Senators should hear from you, even those who agree with us and oppose the fast track bill and the TPP. Pressure on them to pass this bad legislation will be great and we need to let all Senators know the damaging economic impact this will have on women and their families.

 * This will lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs here in the U.S., mostly held by women, and exert downward pressure on wages here in our country.

* This will also lead to further exploitation of workers in the trade partner countries and weaken efforts to combat human rights abuses.

 If you call, ask for the chief of staff or legislative director or their voice mail. Only these key staffers will have access to the Senators to relay our concern and outrage asap.

 If you send an email, use the two bullet points above and any additional comments about the harm of this bill.

 Attached is a file of contact information for all U.S. Senators, including the emails for the chiefs of staff. You should direct any email you send directly to this top staffer.

 Please take a few minutes to do this because we need to hold Senators, especially those who tell us they care about women and families, accountable for their vote on this economic justice issue.