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Budget Cuts Threaten Women’s Lives

TAKE ACTION! Contact your State Senator and Representative by visiting them in their home office or contact them by phone or email. Tell them to VOTE AGAINST ANY BUDGET CUTS THAT ENDANGER THE LIVES OF WOMEN IN ILLINOIS.

Please find the talking points below to use when you speak to your legislator. Contact info for your Reps and Senators may be found at  Click on SENATE or HOUSE, then MEMBERS.

 Thank you for taking action for women today.


Illinois Budget Cuts Threaten Women’s Lives

100,000 children will lose care from the Child Care Assistance Program. This program is vital for low-income parents to keep their jobs and provide a safe place for the care of their children.

As of July 1, Governor Rauner will freeze enrollment into CCAP except for a small number of families, putting 5000 families on waitlist. Studies in other states with waitlists have shown that up to a third of families either lost their job or were unable to work while waiting for child care assistance. 

Rauner’s proposed cuts to home healthcare services directly affect senior women. Of the 104,000 seniors in the Community Care Program, 70% were women, 61% were people of color, 51% lived alone, 86% had incomes less than $20,000 annually. 

The average nursing home in Illinois costs approximately $4300 a month or more than 4 times the cost of providing similar services in the senior’s home. 

Over 10,000 disabled Illinoisans in the Home Service Program will lose their home care services. This includes anyone under 60, infants, children, those with traumatic brain injuries or those receiving services for HIV/AIDS care.
The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program will be cut by 71%. (no that’s not a typo) The Treatment Act would be eliminated. The Program detected 727 invasive breast cancers and 1400 cervical cancers and pre- cancerous lesions between 2007 and 2012. The proposed cut to the Program will eliminate screening for 14,000 women.

The IBCCP cut will disproportionately affect African- American women. The breast cancer mortality rate for African-American women is 40% higher than the rate for white women. 

$735 million in Medicaid supplemental payments to hospitals will be completely eliminated. These payments support safety-net hospitals that provide care to Medicaid and uninsured patients. 

We cannot balance the Illinois budget on the backs of thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors, while at the same time enriching the wealthy few. Many of these cuts will actually cost the state of Illinois more money in the long-term.

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Many thanks to SEIU Healthcare, League of Women Voters, AARP, Access Living and the State Comptroller’s Office for providing the information in this alert.