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Protect Transgender Students!

Illinois NOW Legislative Action Alert – April 1, 2016 
Protect Transgender Students!

 HB 4744, sponsored by Illinois House Rep. Thomas Morrison, would force transgender students to use separate bathroom facilities in schools. Similar anti-LGBT legislation became law in North Carolina last week.

 This bill has been sent to the House Human Services Committee where it could be heard on April 5. We need to stop this bill while it is still in committee.

 Since HB 4474 is in committee, we need you to contact ALL members of the Human Services Committee this week while they are on break. TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON HB 4474! This bill is discriminatory to transgender students. Remind them that trans people are more likely to be victims of violence and not perpetrators of violence. SAY NO TO DISCRIMINATION! We cannot follow North Carolina.

 The link to HB 4474 is here

 The link to the list of the members of the IL House Human Services Committee is here.

Please click on each member’s name to access their contact information.   

 Thanks for all you do for NOW!