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We Want It All. NOW!

NOW is the largest, most comprehensive feminist advocacy group in the United States. Our purpose is to TAKE ACTION to bring women into full particpation in society – sharing equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities with men, while living free from discrimination.

lllinois NOW is an organization of chapters from every area in Illinois. Our organization sets its agenda at the state conference and meets every month alternating between the the State Council (made up of chapter representatives and officers) and executive committee (officers and task force chairs) to monitor progress, make changes, and ensure that the organization runs smoothly. Our organization’s priorities are driven by it’s chapters and members. Our meetings are open to all NOW members and are closed only by a vote of those members. As an integral part of the National Organization for Women, Illinois NOW joins over 500,000 contributing members and 500 chapters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the struggle for women’s rights.

NOW is the largest, most comprehensive feminist advocacy group in the United States and one of the few multi-issue progressive grassroots organizations that has existed since its founding in 1966. NOW stands against all oppression, recognizing that racism, sexism, and classism are interrelated, that other forms of oppression such as homophobia and ableism work together with these three to keep power and privilege concentrated in teh hands of a few. Both the actions NOW takes and its position on the issues are principled, uncompromising and often ahead of their time. NOW is a leader, not a follower, of public opinion.

How Does NOW Take Action?

  • Educating the public and media about the status of and threats to women’s rights
  • Organizing rallies, protest, demonstrations and marches of all sizes
  • Protesting businesses that mistreat women and minorities
  • Lobbying for and writing laws that promote full equality for women
  • Registering new voters and inspiring them to get to the polls
  • Recruiting and electing feminist candidates at all levels of government
  • Initiating and supporting lawsuits against violators of women’s rights
  • Demanding fair and unbiased courts and judicial nominees
  • Working in coalition with progressive allies

NOW’s Top 6 Priority Issues:

  • Constitutional Equality
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Promoting Diversity and Ending Racism
  • Lesbian/Transgender Rights
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Ensuring Economic Justice

For more information on NOW, visit www.now.org.


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