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Support Marriage Equality!

Illinois NOW Action Alert – Support Marriage Equality

Please contact your Senator TODAY to VOTE YES on SB 10.

Senate Bill 10 (Heather Steans), the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, is now on 3rd Reading in the IL Senate and can be called for a vote at any time. Please contact your Senator and urge them to vote YES on SB 10.

You can contact the Capitol switchboard at 217/782-2000 and ask to be connected to your Senator’s office. You can then leave your message with their staff person – VOTE YES on SB 10!

More info on SB1123: Call IL Senators NOW!

Please call IL state senators NOW: 217-782-3944

Windy City Times reports:

“An amendment to a proposed bill in the Illinois Senate states that “a child welfare agency that is religiously based or owned by, operated by, or affiliated with a bona fide religious organization may decline an adoption or foster family home application … from a party to a civil union if acceptance of that application would constitute a violation of the organization’s sincerely held religious beliefs.”

SB 1123, the bill including this amendment No. 65, means that unmarried straight or gay couples in civil unions who do not share the religious values or faith of the organization could be denied the chance to adopt or be foster parents.”

Phil Reese at The Bilerico Project also expands:

“Religious institutions would be able to discriminate in these matters against anyone for any religiously motivated reason. Race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, it doesn’t matter.”

Phil also adds:

“Right now we really need:

  • Catholic families against injustice
  • Folks raised by same-sex parents who live in Illinois
  • Same-sex headed families willing to stand up and be heard

Get on the phone right this moment and ask for your Illinois Senator at 217-782-3944″



Urgent Action Alert


Tell Senate Executive Committee to VOTE NO on Senate Amendment 1 to SB 1123!

Senate Bill 1123 Amendment 1 by Senator Koehler amends the Civil Union Act to allow religiously affiliated child welfare agencies to discriminate against parties to a civil union and to refer the parties to a civil union to DCFS  for information concerning non-discriminatory child welfare agencies for adoption or foster family home applications, licensure and placements. A fact sheet from the ACLU is attached.

This amendment will be heard in the Senate Executive Committee early Wednesday morning (4/13/11). Call these members of the Committee NOW and URGE THEM TO VOTE NO TO DISCRIMINATION! Call all the members of the Committee by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 217-782-2000 and ask for the Senator’s office. You can leave a message with their staff.  

Chairperson : Don Harmon D
Vice-Chairperson : Ira I. Silverstein D
Member: James F. Clayborne, Jr. D
Member: M. Maggie Crotty D
Member: John J. Cullerton D
Member: Kimberly A. Lightford D
Member: Antonio Muñoz D
Member: Jeffrey M. Schoenberg D
Member: Donne E. Trotter D
Minority Spokesperson : Dale A. Righter R
Member: Bill Brady R
Member: John O. Jones R
Member: David S. Luechtefeld R
Member: Matt Murphy R
Member: Christine Radogno R