Illinois NOW PAC

Illinois NOW’s Political Action Committee consists of our chair, Deborah DeChinistso, and several board members who are dedicated to finding feminist candidates that support equality for women and minorities in Illinois.

Electing feminists to all levels of public office is a crucial part of NOW’s advocacy for women’s rights. As an independent, non-partisan committee, NOW/PAC endorses candidates who take uncompromising stands on feminist issues — including both women and men of any political affiliation.

All NOW PACs base their endorsements on a broad feminist agenda. No other PACs expect candidates to take such strong stands on such a wide range of issues. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • reproductive rights without restriction
  • civil rights for all people-with emphasis on lesbian and gay rights and racial justice
  • economic justice for all women
  • a constitutional amendment that guarantees women’s equality, including reproductive rights and non-discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • affirmative action ensuring equal opportunity for women and people of color
  • ending all forms of violence against women

Following the elections, NOW activists work with the officials our PACs helped to elect by assisting and encourage them in meeting their commitment to be leaders in the fight for equality and justice for all women.


To contact the Illinois NOW PAC, you can call Deborah DeChinistso at 708-977-5379.


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