Illinois NOW Annual Meeting & Conference

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“Intersectionality and Feminism”
Saturday, October 3, 2015 – 11:30

Oak Park Library – Maze Branch 

845 Gunderson Ave  Oak Park, Illinois 60304

We will discuss Roxane Gay’s book “Bad Feminist” so it would be very helpful if you read it (or re-read it) before the conference.

Join other feminists for a fun afternoon & set the action agenda for 2016

Elections * Legislative Report * Lunch *  Silent Auction * Awards                                        

$10 includes lunch

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Take Action Today on Budget Legislation!

From SEIU Healthcare Illinois/Indiana:

Lawmakers in Springfield will vote TODAY on three important bills.
Can we count on you to call your State Rep NOW and urge them to vote YES on three important bills?

1.  Vote YES on SB1229 for fair arbitration. This common-sense bill will give public workers—including DORS Personal Assistants and Home Child Care Providers—the right to arbitration if we can’t reach a fair contract agreement with the Governor. With Gov. Rauner’s extreme proposals to eliminate workers’ health care at the bargaining table, SB 1229 will give us a path to a fair contract that protects our jobs, our benefits and the vital care we provide.

2.  Vote YES on SB 570 to reverse extreme cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program. Since July 1st, thousands of working parents have been denied CCAP, and parents and providers are losing their jobs. We need SB 570 so working parents can afford quality, reliable child care!

3.  Vote YES on HB 2482 to protect home care for seniors and people with disabilities. Gov. Rauner is threating cuts to home care services that will leave 50,000 seniors and people with disabilities without home care—eliminating jobs for tens of thousands of home care workers. HB 2482 will protect home care services at current eligibility levels.

To contact your State Representative now, call 844-922-7334 and follow the instructions to connect to your Representative’s office.

The Illinois House will vote on these three important bills TODAY. Call 844-922-7334 to contact your State Representative now.


Budget Cuts Threaten Women’s Lives

TAKE ACTION! Contact your State Senator and Representative by visiting them in their home office or contact them by phone or email. Tell them to VOTE AGAINST ANY BUDGET CUTS THAT ENDANGER THE LIVES OF WOMEN IN ILLINOIS.

Please find the talking points below to use when you speak to your legislator. Contact info for your Reps and Senators may be found at  Click on SENATE or HOUSE, then MEMBERS.

 Thank you for taking action for women today.


Illinois Budget Cuts Threaten Women’s Lives

100,000 children will lose care from the Child Care Assistance Program. This program is vital for low-income parents to keep their jobs and provide a safe place for the care of their children.

As of July 1, Governor Rauner will freeze enrollment into CCAP except for a small number of families, putting 5000 families on waitlist. Studies in other states with waitlists have shown that up to a third of families either lost their job or were unable to work while waiting for child care assistance. 

Rauner’s proposed cuts to home healthcare services directly affect senior women. Of the 104,000 seniors in the Community Care Program, 70% were women, 61% were people of color, 51% lived alone, 86% had incomes less than $20,000 annually. 

The average nursing home in Illinois costs approximately $4300 a month or more than 4 times the cost of providing similar services in the senior’s home. 

Over 10,000 disabled Illinoisans in the Home Service Program will lose their home care services. This includes anyone under 60, infants, children, those with traumatic brain injuries or those receiving services for HIV/AIDS care.
The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program will be cut by 71%. (no that’s not a typo) The Treatment Act would be eliminated. The Program detected 727 invasive breast cancers and 1400 cervical cancers and pre- cancerous lesions between 2007 and 2012. The proposed cut to the Program will eliminate screening for 14,000 women.

The IBCCP cut will disproportionately affect African- American women. The breast cancer mortality rate for African-American women is 40% higher than the rate for white women. 

$735 million in Medicaid supplemental payments to hospitals will be completely eliminated. These payments support safety-net hospitals that provide care to Medicaid and uninsured patients. 

We cannot balance the Illinois budget on the backs of thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors, while at the same time enriching the wealthy few. Many of these cuts will actually cost the state of Illinois more money in the long-term.

These talking points provided by 

Many thanks to SEIU Healthcare, League of Women Voters, AARP, Access Living and the State Comptroller’s Office for providing the information in this alert.

Urge Senators Durbin and Kirk to VOTE NO ON TPP!

Yesterday, the House passed the “fast track” bill which will expedite passage of the harmful trans pacific partnership trade agreement. This agreement will hurt women both here in the U.S. and abroad. (see NOW issue advisory and talking points at links below for more information). This bill will go to the Senate and could be voted on in a matter of days.

 PLEASE contact your Senators immediately. All Senators should hear from you, even those who agree with us and oppose the fast track bill and the TPP. Pressure on them to pass this bad legislation will be great and we need to let all Senators know the damaging economic impact this will have on women and their families.

 * This will lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs here in the U.S., mostly held by women, and exert downward pressure on wages here in our country.

* This will also lead to further exploitation of workers in the trade partner countries and weaken efforts to combat human rights abuses.

 If you call, ask for the chief of staff or legislative director or their voice mail. Only these key staffers will have access to the Senators to relay our concern and outrage asap.

 If you send an email, use the two bullet points above and any additional comments about the harm of this bill.

 Attached is a file of contact information for all U.S. Senators, including the emails for the chiefs of staff. You should direct any email you send directly to this top staffer.

 Please take a few minutes to do this because we need to hold Senators, especially those who tell us they care about women and families, accountable for their vote on this economic justice issue.

ERA Forum October 2

Join us for an ERA Forum

What:  The AAUW Springfield Branch and NOW are bringing a panel of renowned women together to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment.

Learn how you can play a role in the ratification process.

When:  Thursday, October 2, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

Where:  The American Lung Association Building, 3000 Kelly Lane, Springfield

The Equal Rights Amendment
Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United
States or by any state on account of sex.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the
provisions of this article.
Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

Let’s Pass the ERA in the House! It’s Time!


Please contact your Illinois state representative and urge them to co-sponsor and VOTE YES on the Equal Rights Amendment ERA, SJRCA 75.

You can find the link here:

Contact info for your representative is here:

Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!

It’s Time for Illinois to Pass the ERA

SJRCA 75, the Equal Rights Amendment, sponsored by Senator Heather Steans, passed out of the
Illinois Senate Executive Committee yesterday with a vote of 11 YES votes, 4 NO votes.
A Senate floor vote may come up in the next couple of days
Call your Senator and URGE A YES VOTE on the ERA, SJRCA 75.
Contact info can be found here:
Click on your senator’s name for their contact info.

ERA in Senate Executive Committee

Urge members of the Illinois Senate Executive Committee
SJRCA 75, sponsored by Senator Heather Steans, is the Equal Rights Amendment. This bill has been assigned to the Senate Executive Committee and is set for hearing this Wednesday, May 21, at 2 PM.
SJRCA 75 provides for the ratification of the proposed equal rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
ACTION NEEDED: Please contact members of the Senate Executive Committee and URGE them to VOTE YES on the ERA.
Below is the link with the names of the committee members. You can call ALL of the members since this bill is still in committee. You can click on their name to get contact info. PLEASE CALL TODAY, TUESDAY, or WEDNESDAY MORNING. You can leave a simple message for each Senator, “VOTE YES on the ERA” 
Please forward this info and let’s get those calls and emails going.
Thanks for your help with this!