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2012 Illinois NOW PAC Endorsements

We hope you are registered and ready to vote tomorrow, March 20th!! NOW is ready, and we have our list of 2012 endorsements to help you at the voting polls tomorrow:

Congressional candidates endorsed by national NOW PAC:

Federal Races

Name Office District Election Result
Leslie Coolidge U.S. House 6 race pending
Tammy Duckworth U.S. House 8 race pending
Ilya Sheyman U.S. House 10 race pending
David Gill U.S. House 13 race pending
Cheri Bustos U.S. House 17 race pending


Illinois State Senate:

Kevin Allen, 23rd District, DuPage County



Illinois State Representatives:

Kelly Cassidy, 14th District, Chicago



Robert Martwick, 19th District



Illinois Judges:

James Shapiro


Celia Gamrath



Get out and honor our foremothers by VOTING!!