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Organizing | DNC Campaign Academy 2020

August 18, 2020

Day two of Campaign Academy 2020 is all about organizing. Democrats must organize in order to persuade, register, and turn out all the voters we need to win in November. Join us for individual sessions or for a full day to walk you through the most important tactics and strategies to organize in 2020.

The Foundations of Electoral Organizing. Organizing has a long and rich history in the United States. From worker campaigns to civil rights movements to issue advocacy, organizing is the idea that everyday people can come together to create change. Campaigns employ a type of organizing that is both similar to and different than movement organizing. This session will take us through the trajectory of organizing to help understand how and why campaigns use organizing to win.

The Hard Ask. Core to organizing is the hard ask: a specific, unapologetic request for a neighbor, voter, or friend to volunteer on our campaign, contribute to our cause, or vote for our candidate. In this training, we’ll share a framework for making a hard ask, discuss the right timing, and practice how to do it.

Distributed Organizing Teams & Relational Tactics. 2020 will change the way that campaigns are able to interact with and reach voters and volunteers. In this session, we’ll learn how to structure and manage distributed organizing teams — teams of volunteers who are distributed around the country or district. We’ll also understand relational organizing tactics, and how to leverage personal relationships to expand our outreach.

Principles of Persuasion. Have you ever tried to change someone’s mind? What is it like to have a conversation with someone who has wildly different opinions than your own? In this training, we’ll understand the foundations of how to have persuasion conversations and how we might get started changing perspectives.

Get Out the VOTE (by Mail). The final phase of a campaign is called “get out the vote,” or GOTV. In this session, we’ll learn how to mobilize voters to get to the polls and — especially in 2020 — how to have conversations with voters about registering to vote by mail and returning vote by mail ballots.

Cultural Competency & Virtual Campaigning with Inclusv. It is vital that we elevate the unique experiences and issues facing voters of color in battleground states. This training with Campaign Academy 2020 partner Inclusv seeks to increase our personal contextual awareness beyond scripts and lists to have meaningful and respectful contact with voters of color.


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August 18, 2020
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