Remembering JANE

The Underground Network That Helped Women Get Abortions When No One Else Would

Claire Lampen

JAN 29 2018, 2:57PM

The Jane Collective created clandestine abortion access before Roe v. Wade, and its ethos persists in networks of volunteers aiding abortion seekers today

Ryan eyes push for ‘entitlement reform’ in 2018

This attack on Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security rests squarely on Paul Ryan. Remember this is what he’s wanted to do since he ran for VP with Mitt Romney. It’s not an ‘entitlement’. It’s a worker’s earned benefit. Ryan’s the one who feels entitled to our safety net. CALL! Tell your Member of Congress to leave Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security alone!! 202-224-3121

Give the gift of feminism with the new IL NOW ERA shirts

Give the gift of feminism to the resisters in your life this holiday season! We’ve been fighting for equal rights under the Constitution for over 40 years and we’ve never been closer. Purchase one of the Illinois NOW ERA shirts and the money raised will go towards our final push to get the ERA passed in Illinois. #ERA #equalmeansequal #WeAreTheERA

Shirts are $25 each, hoodies are $35.

Youth sizes for the rebel girl and boy in your life are $21.

Action Alert: call your member of Congress to Stop Ban on Abortion Access

TAKE ACTION! A vote on the misleading, dangerous, and unconstitutional proposed ban on abortions- HR 36 -after 20 weeks is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 3, in the U.S. House of Representatives. The move is part of the Republican 2018 midterm election strategy to defeat Democrats who vote against the measure.


NOW Action Alert: Call your state senators and representatives and urge them to VOTE YES on ERA

After women’s rights activists came to rally, march, and lobby at the Illinois State Capitol on Tuesday, SJRCA 4, the Equal Rights Amendment, passed out of the Senate Executive Committee.

It’s time to take action! Please call your state senator and representative and urge them to VOTE YES on SJRCA 4, the ERA. You can call them at 217-782-2000 or find more contact info HERE. Call, email, and tag your legislators on social media. 

The ERA needs only two more states for ratification. It’s time to give women in the US the right of constitutional equality. It’s long overdue!

Action Alert: Block Gorsuch Nomination to SCOTUS

IL NOW Action Alert – Block Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination for Supreme Court Justice!March 20, 2017

 Good afternoon and Happy Spring!


Call Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth today and URGE THEM TO BLOCK Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS!


Neil Gorsuch has a long history of hostility towards the claims of workers, consumers, children, immigrants, LGBTQIA people, incarcerated people, people with disabilities. He has shown a track record of siding with billionaires and big corporations.

He is not a supporter of women’s rights, will not protect their access to birth control, nor their constitutional right to abortion through Roe v. Wade.


We need 41 Senators to block Gorsuch.

URGE Durbn and Duckworth to filibuster this nomination


Senator Dick Durbin: 202-224-2152

Senator Tammy Duckworth: 202-224-2854





SAVE THE DATES: Illinois National Organization for Women is a co-sponsor of both these events and we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ATTEND BOTH OF THESE ACTIONS – more details to follow tomorrow..


April 5 – IL Women Moving Forward Advocacy Day: Come Lobby your state senator and representative in person here in Springfield for specific, positive legislation for women and girls in Illinois. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER 10:30 AM


April 25 – IL Women March on Springfield: a broad coalition of progressive groups will rally, march and lobby for a progressive, intersectional agenda for Illinois.




Future NOW meetings:


April 29 – Springfield NOW chapter meeting – Lincoln Library – 11 AM to 12 Noon.


May 6 – Illinois NOW State Council Meeting (meeting of NOW members across the state) via conference call 10:30 AM 


June 30 – July 2: National NOW Conference – Orlando, FL




Find IL NOW on Facebook: Illinois National Organization for Women

Twitter: Illinois_NOW

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