Get Involved

How Does Illinois NOW Take Action?

  • Educating the public and media about the status of and threats to women’s rights
  • Organizing rallies, protest, demonstrations and marches of all sizes
  • Protesting businesses that mistreat women and minorities
  • Lobbying for and writing laws that promote full equality for women
  • Registering new voters and inspiring them to get to the polls
  • Recruiting and electing feminist candidates at all levels of government
  • Initiating and supporting lawsuits against violators of women’s rights
  • Demanding fair and unbiased courts and judicial nominees
  • Working in coalition with progressive allies

Attend an Event

Whether you’re interested in learning more about Illinois NOW’s core issues, a state conference, or just being social with other like-minded feminists, we’ve got an event for you. Check out our Events page for more information.

Become a Member

Join Illinois NOW to stop the injustices you see around you. Each member of Illinois NOW has a voice. Make your voice heard by joining NOW today!


We have numerous volunteer opportunities available for those looking to get involved in feminist activism. Email us at to find out more.